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By acleanmach3876908, Jul 16 2016 06:03PM

This time of year mold can be a real issue. I've dealt with the problem before and gotten terrific results. Check out the last moldy interior I detailed. If you live in Gainesville or the surrounding areas and your interior needs a good detailing please call Earl at A Clean Machine. I'm always happy to help!!

By acleanmach3876908, Jun 24 2016 01:47PM

Check out this sweet custom hot rod I had the chance to detail this week. Inside and out and the motor all detailed. Right here in High Springs!!!

By acleanmach3876908, Jan 26 2016 10:48PM

Not every vehicle needs a Full Detail. The Denali pictured below came out great with just an Economy Detail. The main differnece between an Economy Detail and a Full Detail is the Full Detail includes a Hand Wax, Carpet/Seat Shampoo and Interior Conditioning. So if your vehicle has recently been waxed and the carpets are not soiled and economy detail may be your best option to get a clean vehicle and save a little money!

By acleanmach3876908, Jan 26 2016 04:06AM

For added protection on your cloth seats ask about our Scotch Guard Treatment. Add it on to an Interior Detail for just $30.

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