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Headlight restoration before and after | A Clean Machine

Your headlights may eventually cloud and look old with a yellowish haze. It might be expensive to completely replace your headlights, while at-home kits and buffing are only temporary fixes. Contact A Clean Machine LLC instead! We will restore your headlights and make them look as good as new again.

Make your headlights shine like new again

More affordable, longer-lasting results

Headlight clouding is mainly caused by polycarbonate oxidation. Regular buffing and polishing can only ameliorate its effects for a few months at most. Buying new headlight lenses could set you back hundreds of dollars each. A Clean Machine LLC understands that restoring your oxidized headlights requires expert attention as well as the correct treatments so that they would last for years. You will find that my headlight restoration services would be the more cost-effective choice for your vehicle.

You can count on my expertise to get your headlights restored with the utmost care, 100% satisfaction guaranteed! I'll get the job done fast and efficiently, making sure that your headlights are bright and clear again so that you can safely get back on the road.

Quick and convenient